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Top Invisalign Tips to help you make the most out of your Treatment


Top Invisalign Tips to help you make the most out of your Treatment

The last couple of decades have witnessed unbelievable technological evolutions in the world of dentistry. As a result of these breakthroughs the dental industry has grown dramatically unlike ever before. As an example, we can consider teeth alignment. Till the middle of the 1990s people hardly had any other option than those thick, metal braces. But then suddenly Invisalign arrived into the scene and literally revolutionised the approach to straighten the teeth.

Invisalign was introduced in 1997 and since then it has become the craze in the dental industry. What makes Invisalign so overwhelmingly popular? There are actually more factors than you can imagine that fuel popularity of Invisalign. But the most crucial factor is the fact that the range of custom fitted invisible retainers never gets in the way of your appearance. This is why young adults find this appliance exclusively appealing. In the sections below let us explore few tips to make the most out of your journey on these invisible braces. These tips are equally helpful for both who are already on Invisalign or planning to start their journey soon.

Throughout your Invisalign journey ignore all other drinks other than plain water

This is actually one of the most crucial tips related to Invisalign although many people do not understand its importance. When you are on your Invisalign journey one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is drinking anything other than water. Sugary drinks may invite decay on your teeth while tea, coffee, red wine and cola are likely to stain your clear aligner trays. In order to avoid staining you may take off the aligners from the teeth before sipping on your favourite beverages. But that may not be ideal for your treatment on the whole. In the opinion of a renowned Invisalign dentist in Wimbledon taking the aligner trays off and then wearing them back several times a day may prove to be a barrier to the progress of the treatment. It is always better to be on the safer side and to be on the safer side the best thing that you can do is skip all other beverages and drink only water throughout the course of your Invisalign journey.

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Brush the teeth regularly to maintain optimum oral hygiene

Invisalign braces are easily removable. You can take off the aligners from the teeth and wear those back again on your own. In other words, this means unlike traditional braces system, these invisible aligners enable you to maintain optimum oral hygiene throughout the stretch of your treatment. You can and you must brush the floss the teeth properly every day to clear away the harmful plaque and bacteria build-ups from your mouth during your Invisalign journey. After each and every meal you must brush the teeth before wearing the aligners back. This proves helpful clearing away food debris stuck in the mouth. These tiny pieces of food are more likely to invite decay to your teeth. You may thus consider carrying miniature toothbrush and travel toothpaste with you all the time while on Invisalign journey. Remember that properly flossing and rinsing the mouth are equally important other than brushing the teeth to maintain optimum oral hygiene during your Invisalign days.

Chewy substances prove helpful

Only those who have been on Invisalign know really well how helpful chewy substances prove to be. One of the best examples of these is sugar-free chewing gums. These substances offer a multi-way benefit.

  • When you chew on these substances after a meal it cleans your teeth.
  • It keeps your mouth hydrated.
  • A dentist who handles cases of invisible braces in Wimbledon says chewy substances decrease your chances of developing cavities in the teeth and gum disease.
  • Chewing on these substances helps your aligners set on your teeth properly and provide the optimum support to straighten your teeth.

Wear your aligner trays for 20 to 22 hours a day

Unlike conventional braces which remain fixed to your teeth throughout the course of your treatment, Invisalign aligner trays are easily removable. Although this is a striking benefit that these invisible braces offer yet it is crucial for you to keep wearing the aligners at least 20 to 22 hours every day. This is the only major compliance that this revolutionary system to straighten the teeth expects from you. The two to four hours of free time every day when you are not wearing the aligners are meant for having your meals and snacks along with brushing and flossing the teeth to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

What happens when you do not comply with the 20 to 22 hours deadline of wearing the aligners? That only lengthens your treatment which also increases the estimated cost. 

Preserve your used aligner trays carefully

You should always preserve your previous set of aligner trays. This is important for you to remember. In case the existing set of aligner trays sustains any damage or get broken you can always switch back to the previous set of aligners to hold on to the good work that is already done by the treatment. A dentist who handles cases of clear braces in Wimbledon explains thus there is no interruption in your treatment and you can expect to get the final results right on the scheduled time. 

When you are not wearing your aligner trays always park those in the case

Clear transparent aligner trays that Invisalign uses are made from high grade thermoplastic. The range of dental appliances is quite sturdy and durable. But still, it is important to place those appliances in their case when you are not wearing those on your teeth. Although the aligners are long-lasting these are quite sensitive. If you do not handle them properly, they will not fit on your teeth snugly as they should. Thus, the progress of your treatment gets hampered. When you place the trays in their case there is no chance of breakage, accidental damage or the appliances getting lost. Moreover, the case offers a conducive, clean and germs-free environment for your custom fitted aligners.

Importance of wearing your vivera retainers

After straightening the teeth or aligning the jaws with Invisalign clear aligners, you may find it tempting to ignore any post-care. Invisalign specialists recommend patients wearing Vivera retainers at the end of their treatment. Dentists working at the renowned Wimbledon Confidental Dentist London explain that usually one has to wear Viveras full time for six months and then you wear the retainers only at night. You must follow this post-care instruction of your treatment provider to ensure your teeth do not undergo a relapse or sink back into their initial position before the treatment.

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