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Category: Mental Health


Strategies for Managing Stress in Daily Life

Stress is a common aspect of our lives, as 1 in every 3 people struggles with stress in India. Stress is a state of mental tension triggered by a difficult situation.

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How can a Rehabilitation Center Improve your Mental Health and Transform your Life?

Rehabilitation is defined as the set of activities or treatments that aid a child, an adult, or an older individual to optimize their everyday functioning and participation in education, work, recreation,

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Baby Cobra Yoga: Strengthen Your Back and Relieve Stress

Yoga has been around for many years and has numerous medical advantages for both the body and the brain. One represent that is really great for you is the child snake

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Effortless Asthma Management

Unlocking the Time-Saving Benefits of Online Prescription Refills for a Healthier Lifestyle Without a shadow of any doubt, managing chronic conditions such as asthma can be an extremely time-consuming challenge, especially

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Wellness at Home Integrating Biophilic Design for a Healthier Mind

Wellness at Home: Integrating Biophilic Design for a Healthier Mind

In today’s modern world, people spend their leisure time indoors and it is better to design your home in connection with nature. Also, people may feel there is no connection with

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Conquering Infertility with IVF, IUI and ICSI

For couples who are struggling with conceiving and face issues of infertility then for them, the path to parenthood is long and winding. But worry not. All thanks to science, it

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Abortion- Purpose, Procedure, Cost, Risks, Recovery

Abortion- Purpose, Procedure, Cost, Risks, Recovery

Your life is blissful to you until everything goes as per your expectations. In it, you have numerous unexpected or unplanned things. And an unwanted pregnancy is one of them. When

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Does Female Masturbation Cause Female Infertility

Does Female Masturbation Cause Female Infertility?

There is a lot of misconception and misunderstandings regarding fertility in people, men and women alike, according to the doctors of an ivf clinic in delhi. It is even more profound

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5 Yoga Poses for Clearing Blocked Sinuses In Winter

5 Yoga Poses for Clearing Blocked Sinuses In Winter

In winter, most people suffer from the sinuses that cause inflammations, allergies, nasal polyps, infections, and sinus lining swelling. So, you have to keep yourself safe from these disastrous situations by

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Why am I Feel always sleepiness and how can I avoid it

Why am I feel always sleepiness and how can I avoid it?

Feeling like you could sleep off standing up? You’re in good company. Constant lethargy is a typical enemy, taking our energy and inspiration. However, before you give up to the Sandman,

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