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Strategies for Managing Stress in Daily Life

Stress is a common aspect of our lives, as 1 in every 3 people struggles with stress in India. Stress is a state of mental tension triggered by a difficult situation.

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Baby Cobra Yoga: Strengthen Your Back and Relieve Stress

Yoga has been around for many years and has numerous medical advantages for both the body and the brain. One represent that is really great for you is the child snake

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Top 10 Nutrient-Packed Smoothies to Manage High Blood Pressure

Top 10 Healthy Nutrient-Packed Smoothies For High Blood Pressure

It is estimated that millions of individuals worldwide are affected by high blood pressure, also referred to as hypertension. And in India alone, the rate of occurrence of high blood pressure

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Three Person Yoga Poses: Improving Well-Being and Connection

Yoga’s advantages to mental, close to home, and actual wellbeing have for some time been perceived. While many individuals are know about ordinary independent yoga rehearses, Three Man Yoga Stances are

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5 Yoga Poses for Clearing Blocked Sinuses In Winter

5 Yoga Poses for Clearing Blocked Sinuses In Winter

In winter, most people suffer from the sinuses that cause inflammations, allergies, nasal polyps, infections, and sinus lining swelling. So, you have to keep yourself safe from these disastrous situations by

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