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Roles and responsibilities of dental hygienists in helping you maintain sound oral health


Roles and responsibilities of dental hygienists in helping you maintain sound oral health

Dental hygienists form a crucial component in any oral healthcare team anywhere in the world and the UK is no exception. These professionals work closely with dentists as well as other dental professionals. Without the contribution of a dental hygienist in London it is simply not possible by any means to provide patients with comprehensive care. A dental hygienist has to master a set of unique skills by virtue of which the professional can clean the teeth effectively while getting rid of tartar and plaque build-ups. These professionals even have to educate people on how to maintain sound oral hygiene as they also contribute to identifying problems related to one’s teeth and the gums.

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In the following sections of the blog post let us explore the roles and responsibilities that this fraternity of dental professionals shoulders in keeping your mouth healthy and free from diseases.

Roles and responsibilities shouldered by dental hygienists in helping you maintain sound oral health

  • Early signs of oral cancer detection

Dental hygienists are given the necessary training based on which they look for signs of oral cancer and they do this check while cleaning your teeth. Cancer in the mouth is a major concern and the earlier it is diagnosed the faster is the recovery. Typical symptoms of oral cancer include appearance of reddish or whitish patches in the mouth, sudden alterations in the way the teeth fit together, sores that never heal up completely and others. In this context a busy dental hygienist in Wimbledon suggests if you ever come across any of the symptoms mentioned above then it is crucial to visit a dentist or a doctor right away without any delay.

  • Removal of plaque and tartar build-ups in the mouth

Tooth decay and gum disease are the two most common dental health issues that people suffer from. The two major factors that lead to these issues are plaque and tartar build-ups. A qualified dental hygienist is given the proper training and also possesses the right set of tools to remove these harmful build-ups from your teeth. This is how they contribute preventing your tooth decay and gum disease. They contribute heavily so that you enjoy life better with a healthy mouth, free from diseases. Plaque is nothing but a sticky film of harmful bacteria that keeps forming on the teeth almost all the time. When plaques are not removed and are allowed to settle down in layers over time, it becomes hard and turns to tartar or calculus. This hardened tartar or calculus build-up can only removed through professional cleaning of the teeth.

  • Educate patients on correct oral hygiene    

Educating patients is a crucial aspect when oral health is concerned. Oral health hygienists are professionally trained to educate patients on maintaining correct oral hygiene. These professionals can also teach you to brush and floss the teeth effectively to remove harmful plaque build-ups. Moreover they can also provide other helpful tips to help you keep your mouth healthy and free from diseases. Education that dental hygienists impart proves helpful preventing cavities, gum disease and various other issues related to oral health. It is important to note that when you maintain proer oral hygiene your overall health and physical wellbeing improve automatically.

Dental hygienists help identifying problems related to the teeth and the gums along with providing the necessary cure

An oral health hygienist has to undergo rigorous training to quickly identify problems related to the teeth and the gums. Once issues are spotted then they work with patients to find the best solutions to those problems. In certain cases these dental professionals are allowed to provide the necessary treatments directly. To cut a long story short, dental hygienists contribute heavily in keeping your gums and the teeth healthy and disease-free.

  • Lower the chances of heart disease

It is a fact that your oral health and the condition of your heart are interrelated; when one is healthy and disease-free the other is also fit and fine but if one is unhealthy and diseased the other is also weak and unfit explains a dental hygienist in Wimbledon. People who suffer from periodontal gum disease are always at a much higher risk developing heart disease compared to those who have strong and healthy gums. Now how is this possible? The harmful bacteria that cause gum disease or periodontal infection can manage entry into your bloodstream and choke the blood vessels. Thus you become more likely to suffer blockades and heart attacks. When your mouth is healthy and free from diseases you are at lower risk of developing any disease in the heart.

  • Lesser risk of suffering stroke

   Stroke is nothing less than a devastating health condition that may bring in severe calamities in the life of a patient. Stroke is mostly related to heart disease although there exists a strong and uncanny bonding between a person’s oral health and the chances of suffering a stroke. Gum disease patients are always at higher risk of suffering a stroke and the only way to lower this risk is maintaining sound oral hygiene lifelong.

  • Lesser risk of blood sugar or diabetes

Diabetes or blood sugar is a chronic health condition that slowly affects various organs and systems of the body including the mouth. In the opinion of dental hygienists in Wimbledon diabetic people are always in higher risk bracket to develop various oral health issues including tooth decay and gum disease. It is important for everyone to maintain sound oral hygiene but for diabetics it is all the way more important.

  • Enhanced mental health

When overall health and wellbeing are concerned, sound oral health is a vital precursor. It is unfortunate but true that poor oral health often takes its toll on mental or emotional health of an individual. People who suffer from poor oral health are mostly found to be victims of mental depression and anxiety and vice versa. Our oral health and emotional health are some closely intertwined that a large number of experts in the UK believe sound oral hygiene should be included as a key element of any mental treatment plan.


Dental hygienists have a crucial role to play in helping you maintain sound oral health and these professionals are not meant to provide you only with professional cleaning of the teeth. They detect any early sign of cancer in the mouth and they can also get rid of tartar and plaque build-ups from your mouth. Moreover they can educate you on how to maintain sound oral hygiene apart from identifying and treating issues related to your gums and the teeth. A dental hygienist also helps lowering your risk of stroke, heart disease, blood sugar and even issues related to one’s emotional health and wellbeing.

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