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Luting Cement: The Smile Keeper For Millions

Luting Cement

Luting Cement: The Smile Keeper For Millions

The first goal of any clinician is to provide a restoration that preserves the longevity and pulpal vitality of the dental arch to fix partial dentures and regain lost function. Here, luting cement acts as an essential. Luting cement is the dental cement used to build the underlying tooth structure for a fixed prosthesis. The term lute means to stick to two different structures and fulfill two major purposes.  

  •  To secure a cast restoration in fixed prosthodontics. 
  •  To keep orthodontic bands and appliances in situ

Here, the selection of the appropriate luting agent is important for the long-term success of the complex restoration procedure. Along with protecting fixed prosthesis from dislodging, the luting agent also protects bacteria from penetrating the tooth-restoration interface.

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Nowadays, many luting cements have developed with the claim for clinically better performance. Each having its own characteristics and material usage. In this blog, we will talk about different luting agents and how these are being of help for current practitioners.

Properties of different types of luting cements-

Luting cements are essential to maintain structure, and there are apparently multiple types of cements with different characteristics for different purposes. Most of these being a part of SDI Riva. Here are some of these cements you must know about. 

SDI Riva Self Cure – Bulk Fill Glass Hybrid Restorative Cement

This luting cement has its command on glass strength and fluoride release. With 50 years of dental experience, SDI’s ion glass filler was developed and manufactured in Australia by glass experts. Curated with bioactive proprietary hybrid glass, it enables long-term restorations. Thus, being amazing for strength, aesthetics, and handling purposes. 

This ionglass filler contains fluoride and strontium ions to improve tooth bioremineralisation. This guarantees healthier teeth with a restored dental arch structure for a longer period. Hence, the patient will surely applaud. 

This luting cement gives several other benefits too. Some being

  • Long term acid resistance

The cement technology stimulates the biomineralisation of dentine, resulting in the formation of fluorapatite crystals. This protects patients from bacterial and acidic challenges. 

  • Superior Fluoride release

The extra strong hybrid matrix gives smoother fluoride release, thus enabling an on-point bulk-fill restoration everytime. 

  • Bioactive glass hybrid

This luting cement includes ionglass for ultrafine highly reactive glass particles. This enables long term restorations, being outstanding in handling, strength and aesthetics. Increased biocompatibility provides healthier teeth for longer and satisfactory performance. 

  • Easy activation and convenient handling

Riva self cure is 70% easier to activate and extrude than several other products, thus limiting the time for restoration preparation. 

  • Long lasting

Riva self cure has high compressive strength and greater wear resistance, to handle long-term mastication processes. 

  • Ample time

Riva self cure gives enough time for working in confidence and comfort. 

  • And higher radiopacity

This ionglass gives higher radiopacity to help diagnose and treat patients faster.

SDI GS-80 – Non-Gamma 2 Amalgam Alloy

The structure of this non-gamma 2 amalgam was introduced by an electron probe microanalyzer and microhardness test by using metallurgical microscopy, point, surface and line analysis. This tool’s high strength and positive dimensional change guarantees longevity and patient satisfaction. 

Basic features of this luting cement are:

  • High compressive strength:

This reduces the risk of fracture of the restoration. Thus, making it long lasting. 

  • Optimal handling traits:

GS-80’s consistency, leading ease, condensability, burnishability, preparations for placement, quality of interproximal contact, setting characteristic and carvability guarantee the final restoration. This meets the needs of the operator. It gives choices for larger capsules and positive dimension change. 

  • Positive dimension

This luting cement gives excellent sealing qualities at the margins. Negative values can help know the post operative sensitivity.

  • More choices for capsule sizes

The working and setting times allow numerous restorations to be carved and made accordingly. 

  • Capsule system: 

This capsule system gives accurate mixing everytime.

SDI Riva Silver – Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

Riva silver is the go-to everytime you are looking for a strong and tough core build up material. This is particularly important for an ideal restorative situation. Riva controls the conditions of patients complying to moisture and control. Thus, making it handier and quick to use. 

Here are some of the traits of this SDI tool. 

  • Light Color

The color adapts directly to the teeth hiding the existing yellowness when under aesthetic restorations. 

  • Easy to handle

The easy condensable nature allows quick and reliable place for restoration. This can be packed with amalgam condenser. 

  • Ideal for non-compliant patients

Riva silver is helpful for moisture control of patient, making it easy and quick to use. 

  • Good for core buildups

The high early compressiveness and bond strength capacities give favourable core buildup conditions. 

  • Increased early strength

Riva silver’s high compressive strength minimises the risk of fracture, controlling several stages of restoration. 

  • High radiopacity 

The addition of metal particles improve the radiopacity, thus helping balance the structure, and allowing easy diagnosis. 

  • High fluoride release

Riva Silver’s free movement of fluoride supports the surroundings and adjacent tooth surfaces. This is particularly helpful for patients needing high treatment.

SDI Riva Light Cure – Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

Riva light cure is a radiopaque, resin-reinforced glass ionomer restorative material. This is highly useful for a wide range of restorative applications with its excellent tooth adhesion, high compressive strength, sustained fluoride release, and command set. Riva Light Care has restored 35 million smiles across 100 countries with its advanced technology. 

Its core traits are

  • Bioactive glass.

It consists of bioactive glass that guarantees long-term restorations, improved tooth-bio remineralizations, and patient satisfaction with healthier teeth. 

  • High flexural strength

These can handle mastication forces without cracking; and are an ideal material for minimally invasive treatment. 

  • A natural restoration

The biomimetic technology mimics the transluency and opacity of dentin and enamel, restoring a natural and beautiful smile. 

  • High Fluoride Release 

These restorations are free from caries and demand low maintenance. 

  • Optimal transluency

These provide aesthetically pleasing restoration. 

  • Exceptional color stability

The luting cement is not affected by the stains of tea or coffee. 

  • Long Term Acid Resistance

Its greater surface hardness ensures long-term acid resistance. 

Bottom Line

Do you want to create a smile that lasts forever? Then, luting cement is everything you can consider for application in the dental arch. As a dentist, you must be thinking, where can you find it? Then, stroll through the dental products at Dental Avenue Pvt. Ltd., the one-stop shop for all kinds of equipment.

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