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Abortion- Purpose, Procedure, Cost, Risks, Recovery

Abortion- Purpose, Procedure, Cost, Risks, Recovery

Abortion- Purpose, Procedure, Cost, Risks, Recovery

Your life is blissful to you until everything goes as per your expectations. In it, you have numerous unexpected or unplanned things. And an unwanted pregnancy is one of them. When it occurs, you look for an MTP clinic in Delhi or your locality to terminate it. Before you move for it, you should have an idea about it, abortion. Keep reading  the post.

Abortion – what is it?

The act of terminating an unwanted pregnancy, as the name implies, is called an abortion. It is legal to perform it up until the first 20 weeks of pregnancy in India for both married and unmarried women under the following 4 circumstances:

  • Mother faces a serious risk to her physical or mental health
  • The foetus’s genetic abnormalities
  • Ineffective birth control methods
  • If the pregnancy was caused by a sexual offense, such as rape, the 24-week termination window has been extended

It is one of the least dangerous, most frequently performed, and safest procedures. It leaves no scar and poses no threat to upcoming pregnancies. However, according to the MTP Act of 2021, it can only be done at a registered clinic by a qualified and licensed OB-GYN. .

Abortion in any other setting, including a person’s home, a dangerous location, or by an unlicensed physician is extremely dangerous and can result in serious complications like an incomplete abortion, infection, and occasionally even death. The third most common cause of maternal deaths in India, according to the WHO, is unsafe abortions.

Types of abortion

In the contemporary world, gynaecologists suggest two options to abort a pregnancy:

  • Medicinal termination (medical abortion) – It isideal and effective for a pregnancy lower than 6 weeks and is performed by prescribing MTP pills – mifepristone and misoprostol.
  • Surgical termination (surgical abortion) – It involves a surgical process to terminate a pregnancy of more than 6 weeks and lower than 24 weeks. 

For medical abortion, you need to visit a respective doctor and request to prescribe abortion pills. On the other hand, you need to sign a consent form and get admitted to the clinic for a few hours to a few days. You have to go into the operation theatre where a respective doctor uses vacuum suction. In the process, there is the use of disposable syringe, sterile equipment, cannula, and local anaesthesia. You can get back to your home after 2-3 hours or as per your doctor’s instruction.

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When should you opt for an abortion?

Many couples and/or females conceive children unintentionally, according to a study. And about 4 out of 10 of them have abortions to end pregnancies. Every woman or couple will have a different reason for ending a pregnancy. Here are a few typical justifications for getting an abortion

  • Not being ready for becoming parents
  • A lack of good time to have a baby
  • A desire to finish their education or have a career hike
  • A lot of personal or professional life responsibilities
  • Being single or having no suitable partner
  • Abusive sexual relationship
  • Being a sexual assault victim
  • Pregnancy is not good for health and well-being
  • A higher risk of having birth defects in the child  
Risks associated with abortion

Usually, abortion under an experienced and licensed doctor is safe. Self-abortion or using unsafe methods can lead you to have some risks that could be:

  • Infection
  • Incomplete abortion
  • Fertility risks
  • Deaths in extreme cases

Abortion cost  

Abortion cost in India varies from one town/city to another, method (medical or surgical), and one abortion clinic to another. If you opt for medical abortion, it can cost you anything from INR 1000 to 3 000. On the other hand, surgical abortion can cost you anything between INR 2000 to INR 10 000.


Your MTP doctor will explain everything to you. On the first day after your abortion, whether it was medical or surgical, you will feel pain, nausea, and bleeding. In a medical termination, your bleeding might last for another 7–8 days. After 4 to 8 weeks of pregnancy termination by drugs or surgery, you resume your regular menstrual cycles. You can start thinking about getting pregnant again after that time. For better care, you must put off sexual activity for a few days (or two weeks for surgical termination).


Abortion, whether it is medical or surgical, is an effective way to terminate your unwanted pregnancy. Having an idea about its purpose, process, types, associated risks, and recovery tips will facilitate you if you opt for it.

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