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How to get Healthcare jobs in Canada from India in 90 days?


How to get Healthcare jobs in Canada from India in 90 days?

If you are looking for the best overseas jobs, let Canada be your host. This nation has been a stepping stone for many newcomers wanting to build a new home and work here. In 2023, there were a total of over 149,500 overseas applicants and students.

More and more promising healthcare opportunities for Indians in Canada are attracting them like never before. Most Canadians thrive on the immigrant population and the skills they contribute to the nation. This is especially true for the healthcare sector which is why make sure to take advice from the best visa consultants in Hyderabad.

This can be easy as well as difficult, depending on your approach towards job search. Canadian standards we can say are a tad bit different from those in India. This is why, be prepared to take notes on how to effectively look for a job matching your education, skills, and overall work experience.

Coming to Canada can open many doors such as permanent residence along with citizenship. Not only this, PR brings to you the benefits of free healthcare, and education as well as attractive social security perks. Many Indian professionals who come to Canada on work permits are seen applying for PR to stay on and build their resume.

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Canada Healthcare Job Market for Indians

Presently there is a total of 143,695 job vacancies in the Healthcare and Social Assistance class of Canada. All you need to do is know how to get job in Canada from Indiaas a healthcare professional. After all, Indians are highly qualified and can fit easily into the Canadian market.

 Ensure that you look at all the certifications, licensing exams, and accreditations you need for a particular healthcare profession. Each one has a different one. Healthcare is one of the priority jobs in the category based Express entry draws.

 This means that Canada needs Healthcare occupations due to the challenges faced due to an aging population. One out of 4 healthcare workers in Canada are immigrants. This is because Canada faces a growing demand for quality access to health care.

 Percentages of Different Healthcare Jobs

a) Registered Nurses – 23%

b) Nurse, Orderlies, and Related – 35%

c) Pharmacists – 37%

d) Physicians – 36%

e) Dentists – 39%

f) Dental, technologists, and related – 54%

You can consult with the best visa consultants in Hyderabadon how to get jobs in healthcare in Canada. They will guide you on what and how to do but do check whether they are ICCRC certified and are RCIC agents.

Top Healthcare Jobs in Canada for Indians in 2024

 1. Nurse Practitioners

 2. Registered Nurse

 3. Physician Assistants

 4. Pharmacists

 5. Medical Laboratory Technologists

 6. Surgeon

 7.  Dental hygienist

 8. Paramedic

 9. Dietitian

10. Optician

Helpful tips to get healthcare Jobs in Canada

Tip 1 – Look at whether you suit the Requirements

You can look for the particular health profession and the province you want to choose. EvenPNP Saskatchewan provides nominations for health care professionals. This is because of their high demand, and in this case, this is just an example.

Look at all the requirements for the particular professionals. For example, a Registered Nurse Licensure from India. Along with this, you even need to check what are the language requirements of the profession. In some cases, the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) is very low and in some cases a bit lower.

Once you have ticked most of the requirements you can look for jobs in Canada from India as a healthcare professional. Extra academic experience or training is also required for nurses. This is one of the topmost health-related professions in current demand in Canada.

Tip 2 – Apply for Licensing and Certification

If you ask how to get job in Canada from India in any healthcare profession you need the appropriate licensing and certification. You can do this by starting the process for licensing or certification in the job you have chosen. You can even get timely assistance from some of the best visa consultants in Hyderabad.

This could mean submission of documents, passing exams, or completing any sort of additional training needed for the particular medical title. Contact the regulatory body in the province where you wish to work for guidance.

For example, for pharmacists from India, you need to pass the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC). Also, practical experience and training under a senior medical pharmacist is required. Also, you need to be fluent in English or French language.

Tip 3 – Constant search for Job Openings

You can seek jobs through online job boards, professional networking sites, and healthcare recruitment agencies. These can be Monster, LinkedIn Indeed Canada, and Job Bank as well.  These are trusted sites where you can find some of the top Canadian healthcare recruiters.

This way you will have a secure job offer from a Canada-based employer even before you land in Canada. Be it an Express entry program or a PNP Saskatchewan-like program, a job offer can add up some extra points. Update your resume and cover letter to match the requirements of each position you apply for in Canada.


If you are in health care and wish to immigrate to Canada to practice there, just come to Nationwide Visas. These expert professionals carry over 16 years of immigration experience and are currently regarded as the Best Visa Consultants in Hyderabad.

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