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Wellness at Home: Integrating Biophilic Design for a Healthier Mind

Wellness at Home Integrating Biophilic Design for a Healthier Mind

Wellness at Home: Integrating Biophilic Design for a Healthier Mind

In today’s modern world, people spend their leisure time indoors and it is better to design your home in connection with nature. Also, people may feel there is no connection with the outside with this biophilic design for your home, you can live in a calm and reduce stress with the elements. If you’re pursuing the B Des Interior Design Colleges in Tamil Nadu or have a great interest in designing your home, you need to know the biophilic design and its advantages of incorporating it into your home. Read this article to understand how biophilic design supports recharging one’s mind.

Biophilic design: Definition

When you experience a sense of calm, if you’re camping, taking a walk-in park or looking at a green painting, then it is known as biophilia. Thus, you can find the term biophilic design in architecture where the architect designs the home with the integration of organic connection with nature. The science behind this biophilic design shows that you can find positive correlations between nature and influence individual moods and overall health. The effects of incorporating the biophilic design are decreased anxiety levels, depression, chronic diseases and improved cognitive function.

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What are biophilic home design elements:

  • Natural lighting creates a strong connection with the outdoors. The pro tip for designers is to prefer sun-facing windows or sliding doors.
  • Integration of natural materials such as wood, bamboo and natural elements for flooring and furniture establishes a strong connection with nature and brings a sense of warmth.
  • Biophilic homes need to be designed with natural ventilation which gives control over temperature and humidity levels which makes the home a more comfortable space to live.
  • Create a feeling of harmony and tranquility with the use of earth colour palettes which are green, blue and brown. Also, natural patterns like organic shapes, flora and fauna designs.
  • Design a home which can create a multi-sensory experience that includes natural scents and sounds to connect with nature. Secondly, indoor plants improve the air quality with the use of plants and greenery elements.

Advantages of using Biophilic Design:

  • Reduces anxiety and stress: City living and urban areas populations influence neural social stress. And when compared to rural areas people, city living people have high rates of suffering from stress, anxiety and depression. When you have contact with natural outdoor settings, then you may feel a sense of calm in your busy days which reduces the stress levels. Try adding elements like patterns, scents, materials, sounds and natural lighting to enhance the natural surroundings.
  • Healing: Biophilia helps you to gain a positive state of mind, releases you from stress and contributes to faster healing. The research states when hospitals are constructed with biophilic designs, then it results in improved patients in terms of faster recovery rates, decreases in medication dependency and improved emotional wellness.
  • Air quality: Have you ever heard about phytoremediation? It is a process where indoor plants help to improve the air quality. How? The tiny openings on the leaves help the plants to absorb airborne pollutants through stomata. Plants then convert these pollutants either breaking down or removing them. With the process of photosynthesis, the plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The process of plants releases water vapour that determines the humidity in the surrounding air and helps with respiratory issues.
  • Improves performance: When you want to take breaks in the middle of a tough day, then biophilic elements help you to rebalance and improve productivity. It is okay to take a quiet walk, lie outside or when facing the sun-facing windows which helps to improve your cognitive functions, restore and recharge yourself and stay away from fatigue.
  • Creativity and productivity: When you’re working as a remote employee or need to home office, then it is the best option to construct a home with biophilic designs. It enhances the overall well-being, creativity and productivity. 
  • Sleep well: When you incorporate biophilic home design, this improves your sleep quality in numerous ways. Since the surroundings are greener, you are able to breathe fresh and clean air. The scenery, scents and smell promote a sense of relaxation in your mind for relaxing. You are able to focus on tomorrow’s tasks and time for yourself with calm and peace of mind. The natural light during the day helps to regulate the sleep cycle which benefits your physical and mental health.
  • Increased engagement: With the biophilic home designs you can invite nature into your home. Some people may feel inspired and connected to the world which makes them feel a better version of themselves. When you feel good, you’re likely to engage with the surroundings.

Summary: Biophilic design is one of aesthetic choices where it reintegrates nature into our daily lives. Hope, you may get clear insights and advantages of using biophilic design for designing a home. The best architecture colleges in Coimbatore may include these design approaches in the interior design syllabus with real-time examples. Interior designers should choose the design philosophy and combine living spaces with natural elements which support overall quality and happier life.

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